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Here is the latest news.
Mysteries of the Missing:
Excluive clip of "Myeries of the Missing"
Terry O`Quinn gets "Lost" on science

Castle Rock:
Terry O`Quinn joins Hulu's Stephn King show Castle Rock
Terry O`Quinn cast in Hulu's J.J. Abrams/Stephen King series
Catle Rock: Terry O`Quinn joins cast


Here are a few more interesting articles.
10 reasons why we wanted The Blacklist: Redemption season 2
Michael Dorman on Jammin to build cast rapport on spy drama
Patriot season 2 confirmed

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The Test of Time: The Stepfather
Blacklist: Redemption finale part 1 review
"Lost" showrunners explain series could have ended with good vs evil clash atop island's volcano

And something else.
"One Last Thing" with Terry O`Quinn


And something else you might find interesting.
Terry O`Quinn: What I'm watching

Source: New York Post

Here are some more articles about "Patriot".
"Patriot" offers a likeable, daft look at a sad spy's life
Amazon's "Patriot" stars Terry O`Quinn and Michael Dorman give each other their best spy names
Terry O`Quinn believes Patriot is like a 'ten hour film'.
Terry O`Quinn thinks television is "Going the way of the dinosaurs."

Here are some more articles about "Patriot" and "Blacklist: Redemption".

Blacklist: Redemption
Blacklist: Redemption premiere recap

Terry O`Quinn still keeps throwing knife from "Lost" bedside
Meet the undercover spy who's also a folk singer
"Patriot" finds the dffy humor in a sad, singing spy's life
Amazon's "Patriot" is the quirky political thriller America needs right now

Here are a few more articles about "Patriot".
Hit or miss gags amid jarring shifts in Amazon's "Patriot"
Patriot 2/22/17
Folk singing and espionage: Amazon's "Patriot" is an unusually sleepy thriller
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